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Benefit Plan Services

The regulatory and economic environments are rapidly changing for employee benefit plans and their participants. Changing IRS rules, DOL reporting requirements and underfunded liabilities are battering the employee benefit industry. Add all that together, and you will find Plan Sponsors and Board of Trustees seeking ways to restore confidence in their plans.

Moreover, employee benefit plans can be assured of more regulatory oversight in the months and years ahead. Now more than ever, it's important for Board of Trustees to engage a firm with significant experience in the employee benefit plan industry. Specific reporting and compliance requirements call for auditors to be abreast of all the latest rules and regulations.

How We Can Help:
Dennis Jenkins is a leading accounting firm serving employee benefit plans and can provide guidance needed to understand and comply with ERISA, DOL, and IRS regulations. We provide a range of services to employee benefit plans including:
As the independent auditors of numerous beneift plan client, our goal is to provide quality audit services in a cost efficient manner and to provide Trusees with the opportunity to leverage our reports for decision making purposes. Our clients include:
Multi-Employer Pension Funds
Multi-Employer Health & Welfare Funds
Defined Contribution Plans
501 (c) Exempt Organizations
401(K) Limited Scope Plans
We specialize in the preparation of Forms 5500 and 990, the DOL and IRS tax forms required for employee benefit plans. Our experienced staff has decades of experience working with these forms. You'll find our insight into rules and regulations a valuable asset when working with us. Our committment is to filing required forms by their deadlines and keeping our clients in compliance.